Global Health Certification

Clemson University recently began giving students the option to earn Global Health Certification. It is a relatively new program that I feel is one of the best things my university has ever offered. The current definition of the certificate is as follows:

“The program moves beyond the standard “language and culture” model of study abroad to provide an inter-professional and integrated approach to the grand challenge of health care delivery. Focused on the societal issues that influence the delivery of health care in low resource countries, this program will prepare students professionally to work in global settings and address health disparities.”

Students are required to complete 12 credit hours that specifically go towards this certificate. These courses include Spanish classes, nursing courses focused on global care, social studies courses, and an abroad experience. I am extremely excited to be apart of this program and I look forward to the skills that I will learn. After I graduate, I hope to go abroad as a nurse for some time, so this program is giving me the tools that I need to be an effective and appropriate healthcare provider.

Photo from Pexels Inc.